Vote Dierdre L. Gay started life in Miami, Florida (actually in unincorporated South Dade County), the middle child of John M. and Lorene Gay.  She spent her formative years in the same house only leaving for summers spent with her maternal grandparents in Alabama.  Her first job at the age of 14 was with the behemoth Burger King (which was a major accomplishment at the time) and she has not stopped working since.

          After high school, she moved to Gainesville, FL and briefly attended the University of Florida before transferring to Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL.  She remains a staunch Gator and Rattler fan and refuses to acknowledge the existence of that other large school in northern Florida.  Graduation from the esteemed School of Business & Industry (SBI) brought a move to Midland, MI and employment with The Dow Chemical Company in their Exchange Accounting division.  (This had nothing to do with foreign currency, but the exchange of chemicals between Dow and other companies.)  After three years of frostbite, Dierdre relocated to Southern California where she continues to reside.

          Her body of work has led to experiences in various industries including entertainment, real estate, electrical components, aerospace and fashion design among others.  Along the way she has collected a Master’s degree in both Accountancy and Instructional Design Technology (well, she’s in the last course of the latter), and is eagerly anticipating putting her knowledge to good use.

          In her spare time, she volunteers with 2 non-profit organizations; reads; designs and makes quilts by hand; watches reality tv and advises collegiate members of her sorority.  (Whew!)  As a decades’ old member of Faithful Central Bible Church, her volunteer activities were extended to include their church sponsored programs. A love of travel also allowed extensive opportunities for volunteerism both at home and abroad.  (Dubai here we come!!)

          And she still plays the role of Malcolm in the Middle between her mother and teenage son (and two dogs).  In the meantime she is waiting for her age to catch up to her Social Security quarters.